TDA is honoured to have a session with YB Dato’ Sri Dr. Adham Baba, the Minister of Health and the top management of the ministry to discuss on Industrial Collaboration Programme (ICP).

It is no secret that the Government of Malaysia will receive the COVID-19 vaccine and soon to be distributed to all Malaysians through National COVID-19 Vaccination Program. Through ICP, Malaysia will receive various value-added benefits that could promote our nation’s economic growth through various activities such as maximizing local content, boost our local capabilities of research, development and commercialization and even enable technology and knowledge transfer to our country.

Maybe one day down the line, Malaysia will be able to produce our own vaccine and this is made possible due to ICP. In fact, there are so many other possibilities and multiplier effects of which our country can benefit from this purchase through the implementation of ICP!

If you want to know more about ICP and the possibilities it could bring, please visit for more information.