The Government of Malaysia is committed in developing national technology, industry and economy for the purpose of improving Malaysia’s competitiveness in the global market, supported by a holistic economic view and systematic development strategy. This effort is vital to sustain requirements in materializing the New Economic Model and high-income community development agenda. In support of that, the Government of Malaysia is leveraging on the ICP platform as one of the strategies and has established a policy applied to all Government procurement related to activities, supply and service work.

ICP shall be implemented through activities that add value to a procurement made by the Government of Malaysia, with an effective cost.

ICP shall be used as an economic tool to:

  1. Develop knowledge based economy through ICP activities in commercializing technology acquisition as well as resources development;
  2. Create competitive economy by positioning local product into global supply chain leveraging the foreign suppliers platform which is faster than the normal commercialization method;
  3. Contribute to the socio economic development aligns with the national economic development agenda;
  4. Contribute to increase of jobs opportunities and create competitive platform for contract manufacturing.


ICP Programme: Wealth Creation