Program Description


Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Testing & Commissioning of 58-units of 4-Car Electric Train sets.

Procurement value: RM 1.223 Billion



OP-1 Transfer of Know-How to Build an International Standard Assembly Plant
  • Knowledge transfer to SMH Rail on engineering design, assembly works and testing support on plant establishment worth of OCV value of RM190 million.
  • Establishment of local assembly plant.
OP-2 Engineering / Assembly / Testing Support and Local Assembly Works
  • Development of local talent and technical competencies in undertaking assembly works, train electrical works, mechanical engineering, communication, and testing.
  • Partnership of Siemens and SMH Rail permits the latter to secure assembly work amounting to RM339 million of OCV value
OP_3 Training of 30 Malaysian Engineers
  • MRT engineers and technicians benefited in term of human capital development in various technical and engineering trainings locally and oversea.
    • Design mechanics
    • Circuit designs
    • Carbody engineering and outfitting
    • Production planning and assembly
    • Static testing, commissioning and dynamic testing
  • The training is worth of OCV of RM 83 millions.


OP_4 Localization
  • Award of contract amounting of RM9.6 million to local company DK Composite Sdn Bhd to manufacture and supply of seats and cantilever.
  • Award of contract amounting of RM1.2 million to local company MyLED Opto Sdn Bhd to manufacture and supply of LED lights and cable tree