Program Description

RazakSat-2 Satellite Program is a continuation of the strategic satellite technology development in the aspect of infrastructure, human capital and industry’s capabilities enhancement. RazakSat-2 is a remote sensing satellite that will produce imagery data with spatial resolution of 1m panchromatic and 4m multispectral

The Cabinet in its meeting on 10 December 2010 and the EPU had approved the Razaksat-2 Satellite Development Program under the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP) with a ceiling cost of RM200.8 million.

The Cabinet has also agreed that Astronautic Technology (M) Sdn. Bhd. (ATSB) is appointed as the implementing agency for the project. Following that, the application of acquisition through direct negotiations with ATSB for this project has been applied by MOSTI and was approved by the MOF.

The results of Lab Value Management (VM-2) organized by the EPU has agreed to add scopes and increase the ceiling cost for the program. It is also decided that ATSB to appoint Technology Partner to work with ATSB in this project, for which the selection of Technology Partners will be decided by the Government through tender.

RazakSat-2 procurement is expected to be awarded to ATSB and its Technology Partner by Jun 2016 worth approximately RM210 million for the duration of 3 years commencing in 2016 till 2019.