Program Description

DRB-Hicom Defence Technologies (DEFTECH) were entitled to procured 12 variants of 257 units Armoured Wheeled Vehicles 8×8 (AV-8).

This is one of the major procurement programme made by the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) to equip the Malaysian Armed Forces with prime mover capabilities for mobilization of Army personnel and to increase the battalion strength. DEFTECH was awarded RM 7.55 billion ICP contract commencing from year 2011 to year 2020.

This organization is obligated to provide ICP which consists of Economic Enhancement Programme (EEP) for local projects and Offsets Programme for their foreign supplier (OEMs). DEFTECH EEP is expected to be signed during April DSA 2016.


DEFTECH Economic Enhancement Programme (EEP)

EEP_01 Business Opportunities and Localization Program
EEP_02 Capability Enhancement on the Engineering and Human Resources Development
EEP_03 Cross Fertilization Program
EEP_04 Internship Program for Local Universities Students
EEP_05 Defense and Security Related Training Program
EEP_06 Human Capital Development (Post Graduate Program)
EEP_07 Professional Development/ Certification Fund